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We support the complete property asset lifecycle, from acquisition to exit. Assetti is an industry-leading solution that you can start using immediately.

How Lappeenrannan Yritystila Oy took the step towards more efficient Real Estate Management

Lappeenrannan Yritystila Oy is a Real Estate development company targeting to help local or nearby area’s companies to find the right premises for their business. The company itself had a rising need for a scalable solution that would make receiving of financial key figure reports and property data easy and fast. Find out how Assetti helped Lappeenrannan Yritystila Oy to find the most essential information through a visual, cloud-based solution.

Four Reasons to buy a Property Asset Management Solution now and not tomorrow

The property industry and its property asset managers have finally become the lucky ones to get involved with the latest technology. Modern property asset management solutions have started to replace time-consuming manual work with spreadsheets and led to more advanced property asset management.

Have you considered a property asset management solution? Hooray! Find out why you should purchase a property asset management solution now and not wait until tomorrow.

“I was blown away by understanding what kind of impact Assetti had on the overall performance of my portfolio. This initiated the successful sale of two assets, which increased our yield substantially.”

Antti Jäntti
Asset Manager
Apteekkien Eläkekassa


The Finnish Seafarer’s Pension Fund (MEK) has a long tradition of holding property – it owns properties worth over EUR 260 million, including offices, retail and residential premises. The challenge? Their data was not managed or utilised to its full potential. Find out how Assetti helped MEK to get an up-to-date picture of their portfolio with a single view.

Clear pricing, no hidden fees!

We use subscription pricing, so Assetti does not have any project costs, annual maintenance fees or other hidden costs.


60 €

per user/month

Max 25 properties
OR 100 lease agreements


145 €

per user/month

Max 100 properties
OR 250 lease agreements

Private + additional features


240 €

per user/month

Unlimited properties and lease agreements

Standard + additional features


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