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Now is the time for the May newsletter, so we collected Assetti’s most recent news for you. This newsletter will inform you about the exciting feature launch, upcoming webinar, and some industry news.


Property Asset Management Budgeting


Extended Budgeting Functionality

Assetti is expanding from REPORTING to LONG-TERM BUDGETING. From now on, you can report the financial performance up-to-now, AND plan the financial progress to the future.

Extended budgeting functionality allows a user to create a budget for up-to 10 years. In addition, Assetti calculates the budget automatically based on the data in Assetti. Finally, there are now multiple usability enhancements, for instance, a user can compare budget on month, quarter and annual level.

With the extended Budgeting Functionality you can:

  • Create multi-year budget
    – for 1-10 year
    – and apply an inflation rate


  • Create a budget automatically based on…
    – The existing lease agreements
    – Planned CAPEX Repairs
    – Loan costs
    – OPEX costs from the previous year 


  • Compare actuals vs budget
    – Monthly, Quarterly, Annually
    – Review the budgeted rental income per lease


Read more about the product update


PropTech events May


WEBINAR: Extended Budgeting Functionality

We are hosting webinars to introduce extended Budgeting functionality. Two webinars will be held, one in English and one in Finnish.

Webinar (EN) 31.5. at 9.30-10.30 (CET)

Webinar (FIN) 1.6. at 10.30-11.30 (EET)

During the webinar, we will show you how Assetti calculates the budget automatically based on the selected parameters up-to 10 years. In addition, we will walk you through the different usability enhancements, such as the option to compare budget on month, quarter and annual level. 

There will be time at the end of the webinar for your questions and feedback. Budgeting is included in Professional and Enterprise subscriptions by default, so we can add the extended Budgeting functionality to these customers immediately after the webinar.

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PropTech Industry news May


REAL PropTech Pitches 2022 


We attended the REAL PropTech Pitches 2022 event. If you didn’t get to the event to watch our pitch then you can now watch it on Youtube. Pitch is in German. 


Watch the video


PropTech in Finland: Origins, Present, and Future


As a Finnish PropTech company, we enjoyed reading PropTech Finland’s article about the Finnish PropTech industry. According to the article, Finland has been a PropTech leader for over a decade and now has one of the highest numbers of PropTech companies per capita.

Here are some key takeaways from the article:


  • The sector’s first period of boom lasted from 2012 until 2018.


  • Today, Finland is home to almost 200 promising PropTech companies.


  • Finland is one of the leading countries based on the number of companies per capita that facilitate growth in built environments.


  • Whilst PropTech is growing throughout Finland, the sector is creating the biggest buzz in the cities of Helsinki and Oulu.


  • Larger corporations have started investing time and money into researching opportunities within the local and global PropTech ecosystem.


  • The future is bright for Finnish PropTech.


We really recommend reading the article if you are interested in the topic.


Read the article