Data is everywhere. Every business is drowning in big amounts of information. You might be thinking: how can you make sense of all this data? Luckily, the answer is simple: with data visualization. 

Everyone knows data is everything and no decisions should be made without it. This blog isn’t about numbers though, it’s about visualized data. The kind of data that makes sense to you, your colleagues, your management team and all your stakeholders at a glance.

What is data visualization?

Data visualization is a general term of placing data in a visual context, to help people understand better the significance of their data (Source: TechTarget).

Before using visualized data, each business or company should first define their own needs – what do they want to know from their data, what they want to achieve with it, and what KPIs to follow to make better business decisions.

How to make reliable decisions based on all the information you have?

Nowadays you can visualize data to many different formats; dashboards, infographics, interactive images etc. You are the one to decide what kind of a visual format you want your data to be in. The most important thing for you is to understand what the visualized information is telling you about your business.

Why it matters?

Some may ask: “How data visualization helps me? Why I should have my data visualized? Why it matters?” Well, let us lure you into the world of visualized data.

Data visualization has become quite a standard for modern business intelligence (BI). It helps you to make a better analysis of your important KPIs and to present this information in a way that helps executives, managers, and other “end users” make better business decisions.

Here are a couple of more benefits data visualization can give you:

1. Absorb more information easily

With visualized data, you can view and understand vast amounts of information at a glance.

2. Discover relations between business and operational activities

You can easily see the patterns that occur between operations and business performance and thus see how your daily tasks impact your overall business performance.

3. Interact directly with data

By visualizing your data you can take actions faster. By seeing your data not only in numbers in a spreadsheet but also seeing the visualized figures, you can identify also the “why’s” and take actions based on what you see.

Data is beautiful!

Whatever your business is, it’s beneficial to have your data in a more sensible and comprehensible form. Numbers are not beautiful to watch. They are not easy to understand and it’s harder to make actions based on them.

In Assetti application the visualized data is in the lead role of the whole show. All your property data is visualized in one application. You have access to your data anywhere, anytime. With real-time visualized information, your whole team is able to get access to data-driven insights and do actions based on data, not based on a hunch.

visualized property portfolio data
An example how Assetti, property asset management tool, visualizes user’s property portfolio data.