• Property management

Lappeenranta Business Facilities is a real estate development company owned by the City of Lappeenranta. The company builds, owns, manages and sells industrial and commercial premises in order to support small businesses.

The company has approximately 77 500 m2 of premises in about 60 properties located in different areas of the city. The key objective of Lappeenranta Business Facilities is to help companies, which locate in the city or in the nearby area, find the right premises for their business.

How to spot the critical points in property portfolios?

Lappeenranta Business Facilities wanted a scalable Property Asset Management solution, that could be used in various devices. They also wanted a solution that would make it easy to spot the critical points in their property portfolios. There was a need to discover the matters that needed the most attention.

“We didn’t receive actual reports about the financial key figures and property data from the accounting systems. These systems were built to serve large municipalities. Neither did the company, that was responsible for the IT-services in the City of Lappeenranta, have a chance to separately produce and develop such tools. Based on this, it was clear that we were going to buy the solution from a service provider”, Timo Hämäläinen, CEO of Lappeenranta Business Facilities, describes.

A solution for many different challenges

In Lappeenranta Business Facilities, Assetti has been used as a “property data bank”. Users can easily enter the basic property specific information as well as review lease agreements.

The information concerning rental agreements can be now found neatly in Assetti. Before Assetti, the essential information had to be checked from printed contracts.  

“With the help of Assetti, unifying and combining the information has improved the data’s accessibility and validity. In the past, numbers were typed in Excel spreadsheets by several different users. Now, when the numbers can be fetched straight from Assetti, the chance of making mistakes has decreased and in turn, the efficiency of working has increased”, Jani Paappanen, Technical Property Manager at Lappeenranta Business Facilities, says.

“A particularly good aspect in the software is the ability to compare properties”, adds Timo Hämäläinen.

The company has been pleased with the cooperation of the solution’s provider and wishes it to be active also in the future.