• Property investment
  • €1400 mn

Redito Property Investors is an independent investment management firm, focused on property investments in the Nordic region. The company focuses on property investments that generate high potential value growth, strong cash flow and sustainable, long-term value for investors.

Redito is specialized in creating, implementing and managing investments for institutional investors, family offices, trusts and private investors that seek the highest risk-adjusted return on property exposure in the Nordic region. The company has more than € 1 200 Mill of AUM and evaluates new business opportunities continuously. Redito has three different investment vehicles: Trophi Fastighets AB, Serena Properties AB, and Redito Bostad.

Redito has offices in Stockholm and Helsinki and consists of a team with extensive real estate experience.

Taking over a geographically scattered property portfolio

Pia Lindborg, Portfolio Manager at Redito, was participating in an event in Finland where Assetti was presented. At that time, Pia was in control of a property portfolio that consisted of approximately 80 property assets around Finland.

The challenge Pia was facing in her daily job was the broad area Redito was operating in. While working in Helsinki herself, the property portfolio was geographically scattered in Finland and Nordic as well.

The property assets were physically very distant, even some hundreds of kilometers away from each other. Managing this kind of portfolio with fairly old and not that supportive systems was decreasing the productivity of her work.

The information was not unified nor up-to-date. How to take over such a portfolio?

Redito was in a need for a solution that would unify and improve their work with their manager Newsec.

After being introduced to Assetti, Pia was given the chance to try out the application herself. By the time the trial period was over, Pia was convinced of the benefits of Assetti and wanted to continue more advanced Property Asset Management with Assetti.

“Assetti was playing a significant role in taking over such a large portfolio”, Pia Lindborg tells, “Taking over the geographically fragmented portfolio was possible with Assetti.”

In addition to taking over the property portfolio, Assetti visualized the portfolio and the most essential information – making it easier to communicate with colleagues in Sweden.

Focus on business planning, not in gathering the data

Redito operates in both Sweden and Finland. Through Pia’s efforts, Assetti was introduced to the Sweden office as well. Newsec acted as Redito’s manager and got interested in Assetti. The key operative challenges they were facing circled around business planning of property assets. They lacked a tool that would provide smooth working and easy business planning.

Through Assetti, Newsec’s managers and Redito’s asset managers could keep and communicate property information in one place. By having a solution where the information could be centrally updated and viewed, the coherence of both parties was successful.

Business plans were made online and information was easily shared in Assetti instead of email hassle and Word-documents.

“Business planning is truly easy with Assetti. Even more remarkable is the time saved by using this Property Asset Management cloud service. Manual work has decreased considerably and we have been able to concentrate the time on our core business. Now the managers can really focus on planning and they don’t have to worry about the accuracy of the data”, says Emil Natanaelsson, Portfolio Manager at Redito.