Assetti Features
NEW features: Assetti API, Invoicing and Tenant Profitability

Assetti API

Assetti is all about open ecosystems and we want to emphasize that in our development. One of the most frequent topics that Assetti team has been working on is data integration and aggregation. Assetti is already covering over 25 different system integrations and is one of the most integrated solutions in the market.

Now we are publishing our own Assetti API to help our customers to manage their data management needs better.

Assetti API is a RESTful API that your IT department or system provider can utilize. It is all about data coverage – Assetti API does not mind if it is pushing or pulling. We have designed our API to be utilized both ways. For example integrating leases for reporting, publishing a vacant unit or getting a list of your property holdings and asset valuations for treasury has never been so easy.


Small private investors are having heavy enterprise level systems to manage their lease invoicing process. At the moment many of them are looking for a more cost efficient and scalable tool to manage their operations. Property service companies are looking for alternatives to provide better services for their customers in terms of financial management and accounting.

Through the newest release of Assetti, we are proud to provide a cost-efficient “Lease-to-invoice” process. Assetti invoicing can be integrated to e-invoicing services and ERP systems. More importantly it communicates with accounting and payment tracking services.

This functionality provides a quick and easy invoicing solution for small and medium sized investors. Investor should be able to:

  1. Create invoice based on the lease agreement and invoicing information
  2. Save and print invoicing history
  3. Track/follow payments

Tenant profitability

The Tenant Profitability feature was developed for property asset managers to understand their tenant relationship and rental income better.

In the new release, reporting and tracking of tenant profitability has been made clear and intuitive. Investors and Asset Managers can see simply tenant profitability of Properties, Leases and Units.

However, we did not stop there, we wanted to also provide clear projection of how tenant alteration costs will contribute to profitability. Assetti presents real time metrics on payback time of the tenant alterations costs. Thus, Investors and Asset Managers now have easy way to assess if an investment is worthwhile of doing.

Assetti® is essentially meant to provide the best possible online solution for Property Investors and Asset Managers. We aim to proactively meet the needs of our customers in their day to day life. If you are interested to hear more, please contact our sales.