From not managed and poorly utilised to compiled and complete data

Seafarer’s Pension Fund (MEK) has long tradition in property holdings. Where Finnish pension foundations and companies hold property investments total of 11,8 Bill euro (Finanssivalvonta 2012) – allocation being approximately 13% of the total investment portfolio. Whereas MEK owns properties worth over 260 M Eur comprising of offices, retail and residential allocation being some 30% in 2015. Properties have played a remarkable role in the portfolio throughout the history.

Throughout the years, their property information had been stored in several different software systems. It was practically impossible to update all of them at the same time. This led to situation where the property asset information was not complete and up-to-date.

“Only a few systems can give a clear view of your properties status. Most are lacking the background data for reviewing the current information – or it requires a lot of manual work to compile the big picture, for which no one has time for. Updating the Excel-spreadsheets was time-consuming and took attention away from the real issues”, Mikko Elosuo, Property Manager says.

Having found several gaps in the property data and having done the initial improvement of the data Assetti as a cloud software helps with daily work since all the information is stored in one place and accessible to all from any device. According to Mikko Elosuo, Assetti is great because updating happens easily without a big effort.  

Mikko states: “You can have monthly information about utilization and other relevant KPIs. Assetti helps you to review the information and enables you to create marketing material. It makes it easy to proceed with a buyer or a tenant when you have the updated status and information of the property available anywhere.“

“It is almost like a car cockpit: Clear and easy to understand. Thanks to its visuality it helps you to perceive the key metrics. With a single view you get an up-to-date picture of your portfolio”, Mikko concludes.