Assetti aims at Swedish market

The Finnish growth company Assetti, which develops property-tech solutions, experiences an increased flow of customers in Sweden and is now investing in the Swedish market.

The effort includes, among other things, Assetti hiring a Swedish Country Manager to better accommodate their Swedish customers. The acquisition also means that Assetti creates an in-depth understanding of trends and working practices within the Swedish asset management industry.

For this role the company has chosen and hired Mr. Martin Säntti, who has a background in AI, digitalization and ERP.

Before Assetti, Säntti worked as a business development manager at the company Leiki, which is the world leader in artificial intelligence in digitalization.

“Hopefully, there are some synergies between my previous assignments and Assetti’s products which are in the absolute forefront of digitization of the real estate industry,” says Säntti.

“It is also exciting to work with such a niche solution, where the entire company’s staff and culture are passionate to streamline and simplify an area that has previously had no simple and intuitive solutions.”

For more information contact:

Martin Säntti
Tel. +35840 097 7553