MIPIM PropTech Europe showed off its potential!

MIPIM PropTech Europe in Paris was held for the first time – and it totally showed off its potential!

On Tuesday evening the event started with an opening party beside the Seine. All the PropTech people from all over the world – and all the nice little snacks in the most beautiful sunset view Paris offers was probably the best way to start the PropTech event for an “Assettieer” far from North.

The official first day at Palais des Congrés was the real deal – buzz at the stands, startup village, flash talks and panel discussions about the timely conversations. What I found really good and what interested many of the attendees was the Flash Talk Zone – short speeches from various speakers from different perspectives – thought provoking! Real estate is really now all about data and customer experience. In the evening we went to the after party to WeWork’s office at Champs Élysées which actually leads us to the next topic – smart workplaces.

I went to listen a panel discussion about customer experience, smart workplaces and how to increase attractiveness and performance especially among millenials. The talk was moderated by Joris Gaudion from RueDesidees and the guests were Valerie Britay from Gecina and Romain Barral from Feed. In real estate the customer experience is important, as it is in every domain I would say. But how to attract and retain the tenants or customers? One solution is with smart workplaces and coworking spaces. In these spaces has to be included lot of different kind of spaces, lot of innovation, coworking and collaborations to attract especially the millenials, said Valerie from Gecina.

Well how then the companies and employees that work in those places benefit or what actions should they do to benefit the most? Referring to Romain Barral everyone should be able to focus on their own stuff. Services in the office should be offered, there should be flexibility in working and at the office nobody should need to focus on taking care of filling the fridge, having paper in printer, etc. So, there should be different kind of spaces for working and everyone should be able to focus only on their main domain. What is a really big plus in coworking places is also the possibility to increase staff. When you have different companies under one roof it’s easy to network and collaborate.

After all, MIPIM PropTech Europe surprised us in a positive manner. Thank you for the organizer and we’ll see you again at the events in the Fall! Merci!

(Check also our short video takeaway from the MIPIM PropTech event!)

The text is written by Rolle Hirsimäki, Marketing Specialist at Assetti.