Roses are red, Assetti is blue – happy summer for all of you!

As are the roses – so are red the stalls and buildings at our head office’s area. You may not know but the area we work in Lappeenranta has a history of about 150 years.

Are you ready for a short story?

The history of Rakuunamäki (direct translation: Dragoon Hill) starts all the way back in 1880’s when the Rakuuna regiment of Lappeenranta was founded in the garrison. It was built willfully for cavalry (horsemen). Since those days the old buildings and stalls have been well-preserved. You could say that Rakuunamäki’s location is quite perfect: just next to the city centre, near to Lappeenranta’s beautiful fortress and Finland’s biggest lake – lake Saimaa.

During hundred years there has been many kinds of military activities in the army area: training fields, military regiment etc. The red-brick barracks besides the downtown of Lappeenranta still tells the story of their time of building although the residences of officers, non-commissioned officers and conscripts, cannon halls and horse stalls now offer shelter for civilians’ homes and offices.

Under the blue sky and white clouds at Rakuunamäki you can still see those dragoons or atleast the horses – our hairy neighbours. And actually the place where we’re building our cloud-service for you is an old horse stall – it might sound a bit ironic, we know! We have a modern solution for real estate business but we’re creating it in a not-so-modern place. But maybe there lies a small point underneath: just like the city of Lappeenranta is modernizing this old, beautiful region, we at Assetti are modernizing the real estate business with our cloud based solution.

Our other offices in Helsinki and Joensuu are located in typical office buildings so it’s quite refreshing to have a small glimpse of history while visiting our headquarters in Lappeenranta!

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