Where does all the data come from to Assetti?

As a property or real estate manager, handling all your property data by yourself can really cause you some headache time after time. Storing important data in spreadsheets might be simple, but we can guarantee you, it’s starting to become the old fashioned and unstable way of running your property business.

That’s why we have come to the rescue with our automated cloud-based application, Assetti. It’s an intuitive platform for all your property data. Managing your property portfolios, collaborating with your tenants, maximizing returns on your investments are all possible in our application.

The four easy ways to import data to Assetti

Visualized metrics and informative reports are just a couple of benefits that are helping Assetti users to understand the complex data they have imported to the application. But one question arises – where does all this data come from and how does it stay up-to-date? It’s important to have updated data which you can use for further analyzes and decisions.

Let’s go through the four effortless ways how to import your property information to Assetti!

1. Input from the user interface

The first way is to input your property data through Assetti’s handy user interface. It’s easy, fast and simple: you just add all your data directly one record at a time!

2. Import spreadsheets

You can import your data in spreadsheet format by using the import wizard. This option is recommended and used mostly when you have large data sets on hand. In this method, you can use Assetti’s default templates or your own files and then map the data fields during the import process.

3. Integrations

The third way to transfer your data to Assetti is through integrations with your existing systems. We support process optimization and automation through data transferring with many systems – such as SAP, Yardi, Visma, Unit4, Jeeves and many others. With automated processes, your data is always up-to-date in Assetti!

4. Open API

What is a software company in 2018 if it doesn’t have its own API? Through our open API, you are allowed to use in-house development or integration partners to connect your data to Assetti.

Did you get excited and want to try our easy data importing by yourself? Request our 30 days free trial with no credit cards needed!