Meet the Assetti team: Ailey

“Meet the Assetti Team” is a blog series introducing our team members. Get to know who are the people behind Assetti!

Who are you and what do you do at Assetti?

My official title is ‘production specialist/customer support specialist’. Basically my job is to create the best experience for our customers while they use our product. So I work to answer any questions they may have, create content to assist them, and set up and run demos.

How did you start working at Assetti?

I was looking into companies in the Lappeenranta area that I thought would be interesting to work for and I came across Assetti. I loved the environment they were creating for their product, customers, and employees so as soon as a job opened, I applied for it. And I didn’t get it. But I was determined to learn more about the company, so I wrote the recruiter and asked what I could do to make myself an ideal candidate for the company.  He asked me to come in for a discussion and we started to talk about my background working in communications in the states. A few months later and I’m here!

What motivates you at work? What do you find the most motivating thing at work?

I am a people person. I love to work with people and hear their stories – that motivates me. I want to talk and help our customers so they can always have the best possible experience with Assetti.

How would you describe your team and working environment?

My team is awesome! We are relaxed and friendly. And best of all, we are able to admit our mistakes and laugh at ourselves. This creates an environment where everyone wants to support each other. You never have to worry about some sort of stigma when asking for help.

What are your strengths?

Communications. My background is in communications and transparency in the government and that has taught me how to ensure communications are clear. I am also a cheerful person, and bring that attitude to work.

Do you have any special skills or superpowers?

I can sleep anywhere. Not sure if that’s a special skill, and it used to get me in trouble in university. But it’s very useful when I have flown to the states, to Australia, and back to Europe.  It allows me to be ready to explore when the plane’s wheels touch down. And a fifteen hour flight to Melbourne goes by a lot quicker when you sleep through eight of those hours.

What is your favourite place in Lappeenranta?

The shores near the university. When I first came to visit Lappeenranta, my boyfriend took me down to the frozen lake and we spent the entire afternoon walking on the ice. I’ll never forget my absolute awe at being able to walk on the lake. Later when we walked on the shore during early summer, I spent hours watching the sunset over the lake. I’m from a desert area of the states and I am in love with Lake Saimaa.