4 Tips For Getting Back on Track After a Vacation

What’s the one thing nobody wants to do but has to? Coming back to work from summer holidays. Even though you actually like your Asset management job and starting work again doesn’t feel so bad, you might get the holiday blues during your first days back. But worry not, we’ve got some useful tips that will help you settle into your daily routines after a relaxing vacation!

1. Let the holiday mood go away!

It’s good to embrace your lovely vacation but also remember to let it go. It is nice to share memories of each other’s holidays and plans for the upcoming ones. When you’re not keeping all the holiday memories inside your head, it’s easier for you to concentrate on your upcoming tasks.

But remember to talk to your co-workers and ask what has happened lately at work. A quick chat with teammates will bring you up to date on news and changes that happened during your vacation. Remember: you don’t have to arrange meetings for that – you can make it more fun with a coffee so it doesn’t feel so stressful.

2. Make your routines work again

Don’t try to go from zero to sixty on your first working day. Otherwise, the energy you gained during vacation will vanish within a couple of days. Prioritising your tasks will guarantee a smooth and easy start and will prevent you from being stressed on your first days back. Make a list of all important tasks during the upcoming days: e.g. as an asset manager, are there some expiring leases you have to go through immediately? Or maybe you have to schedule a meeting with your tenants and check if everything is going well? Whatever the issue might be, prioritize it on your list to set your working routines back on track!

3. Find your rhythm

When you’ve done number 1 and 2 on our list, your new work week is off to a good start! Getting back to your usual rhythm is always difficult after a vacation, but you will get there. Remember not to be too hard on yourself – concentrate on the things you have prioritized to do first and have small breaks! Often, we get so engrossed in our tasks that we forget to go out of the office for a minute and refresh our minds.

4. Tackle your inbox and manage tasks

Controlling your workload happens through small tasks. Being back at the office usually means facing a full inbox. One of the first things you most likely need to do after vacation is to paddle through the endless amount of unread emails. Most of us want to do this at our own pace. Get to the office a bit earlier on the first day after a vacation to do this. But remember, going through unread emails chronologically is not the only or even the best option. You can always filter them by name, not by date. So if you see that one colleague was sending you more emails, it is probably best to get back to that one immediately. Try to avoid stressing about going through emails.

And ask yourself if in some case there is a better and faster way to communicate, e.g. by picking up the phone or using apps for booking meetings or task planning!



What’s next?

After a relaxing vacation, you may have totally new ideas at work. This is when you know even your subconscious had a holiday. And remember to start planning your next vacation, that helps you to stay motivated.


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