Assetti: Trevian asiakastarina
Assetti’s customer story: “Assetti gives us an up-to-date overview of our business’s situation”

Trevian Asset Management is one of Assetti’s happy customers. Trevian is the leading independent and management owned real estate investment and asset management company in Finland.

The company delivers full-service real estate asset management and structured investment management solutions over the whole investment lifecycle for their domestic and international clients. They also offer active portfolio management and development services.

With total Assets Under Management (AUM) of approximately €1 billion, and an annual transaction volume of €200m, Trevian has established itself as a leading company in real estate investment market segment in Finland. It was established in 2012 and it has over 50 employees operating in several offices around Finland.

Assetti is an excellent database for storing important data

Trevian has been using Assetti as its asset management tool for 2,5 years now. People use Assetti almost daily at Trevian. Their Business Development Manager, Johannes Aho, says that data can be easily found in the software and they get the big picture of their business’s situation at a glance.

“Assetti is really a user-friendly tool. It’s easy to import and find data in Assetti. Assetti saves a lot of time for all of us”, says Johannes Aho.

Aho’s role is to develop Trevian’s digitalization further. As a part of that, he also makes sure that all of their employees use Assetti and that Assetti supports their business the best way possible.

Assetti's visualized dashboards

A software that is easy to absorb and approach

Assetti’s data visualization functions have been very useful for Trevian. With Assetti’s visualized dashboards, it has been easy to analyze important data. This has also made decision-making processes more efficient.

Furthermore, sharing information with Trevian’s important stakeholders has been straightforward with Assetti. By having all the data in one place and in an easily utilizable form, it’s simple to find the right information whenever they need it.

You can watch Johannes Aho’s full interview about using Assetti here.

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