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Assetti customer case-story: The Finnish 4H Organization

The Finnish 4H Organization is one of the biggest national non-profit organizations in Finland. 4H and the institutions working under it have offices and apartments all over Finland. Some of these units and properties are in 4H’s use, and the rest they rent out for other parties.

4H’s problem was their geographically scattered properties and units. They wanted a solution for managing their properties effortlessly and efficiently – and that’s why they chose Assetti.

Professional property asset management with Assetti

4H has been using Assetti now for about 2,5 years. Earlier they didn’t have any software for handling their property information.

4H’s Director of Development, Juha Ruuska, uses Assetti on a weekly basis. They have imported all of their property data into Assetti. They can now, for example, update and monitor when different leases are ending and check rent adjustments needs.

“Assetti was very easy to deploy. I got good instructions for using the software. I learned how to import property data to the system and got support for that. Using Assetti has started well and if there have ever been any challenges, the Assetti support team has been really fast to help and they have contacted us right away. Absolutely good user experience!”, Ruuska says.

Shareable and up-to-date information in a digital format

The biggest benefit of using Assetti has been up-to-date property data. The data in Assetti is always relevant and accessible to its users.

“Up-to-date property data and the ability to check the information immediately have been the biggest benefits of using Assetti”, says Ruuska. He adds that the information is also shareable for CEO and COO so there’s no need to chase the one binder anymore. All information is in one place and available for all who needs the access.

“I think Assetti is well thought out. It’s logical for a person who hasn’t used this kind of software before and it is quick to absorb. In my opinion, it’s reasonably cost-effective.”

See Juha Ruuska’s full interview about using Assetti here

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