Meet the Assetti team: Nathan
Meet the Assetti team: Nathan

“Meet the Assetti Team” is a blog series introducing our team members. Get to know who are the people behind Assetti!

Who are you and what do you do at Assetti?

I am Nathan and I work in Information Security at Assetti. My job is primarily to make sure that customer data is properly handled and safely stored. I also take care that the Assetti app and our own internal IT is properly hardened against malicious use.

How did you start working at Assetti?

I am doing this internship at Assetti for my degree in Infrastructure & Security Management at the Dutch HAN University of Applied Sciences. I wanted to work at a young startup company with a flexible company structure and a smaller team. An international setting, preferably in a foreign country also seemed like a definite plus to me. Assetti seemed to fit these criteria perfectly, and thus I applied for this internship.

What motivates you at work? What do you find the most motivating thing at work?

I like to see the effect that my work has. I get satisfaction from learning new things and improving processes and technology. I enjoy the idea that when I’m done with something, it is better than it was before.

How would you describe your team and working environment?

I mainly work with the Security Officers, Samuli and Shan, but the nature of my work means that I interact regularly with the other departments. Even though I’m still young and inexperienced, I feel that my input is valued and taken into consideration. The relationship I have with my co-workers and the general working atmosphere means that I enjoy coming to the office every day.

What are your strengths?

Perseverance. Once I start something, I want to finish it and do it right. In addition to this, I would say my attention to detail, however it can also sometimes hold up my progress as I want every piece of work I do to be perfect.

Do you have any special skills or superpowers?

No superpowers that I’m aware off, as of yet.

What is your favorite place in Lappeenranta?

The area in and around the fortress. Not only does this place have a lot of history, but it also provides a beautiful view of Lake Saimaa and the harbor from its walls. There are lots of fun cafés and restaurants around the fortress, like the coffee roastery Lehmus, which I can definitely recommend!