Meet the Assetti team
Meet the Assetti Team: Milo

“Meet the Assetti Team” is a blog series introducing our team members. Get to know who are the people behind Assetti!

Who are you and what do you do at Assetti?

My name is Milo. I’m a student from the Netherlands but I’ve lived most of my life in the Caribbean (Curacao). After living in Curacao, I went back to the Netherlands to study graphic design. I’m doing my internship here at Assetti and I’m part of the marketing team. My tasks are e.g. working on a new logo for Assetti, making visual content for presentations, ads and animation projects. 

How did you start working at Assetti?

My school has a program where students can have internships in other countries. So, I’m from the Netherlands as mentioned earlier and I’m studying at Nova College Haarlem. My journey to become a Graphic Designer is almost done and this internship is part of my final assignment. As far as I know, my internship was mostly organized by my school and I’m really happy what it turned out to be.

What motivates you at work? What do you find the most motivating thing at work?

I find the most satisfaction after I’ve finished a project or when we start working on a new one. I also really like researching and seeing what other people have created. That is also one of the things that give me the motivation to do my job even better.

How would you describe your team and working environment?

I work in the department of marketing. My colleagues are Stefanie, Rolle, Stefan, and Lidia. We are focused on making the Assetti brand even more well-known in the PropTech market. I will be supporting my team for around 4 months. I can’t wait to see what there is to come!

What are your strengths?

I’m pretty creative and that is useful for being a designer. I always research a lot before I start with a project, and I think that makes me better at my job as a Graphic Designer.

Do you have any special skills or superpowers?

Not specifically! I do have some hobbies where I’m pretty good at like snowboarding, skateboarding, design, and riding a fixed gear bike. These are the things I do in my spare time in the Netherlands. Here in Finland, I will especially be improving my snowboarding skills.

What is your favourite place in Lappeenranta?

I haven’t been in Lappeenranta for too long, only about 2 weeks. During the time that I’ve been here, I’ve noticed that it’s a very beautiful city and it has a very nice lake, Saimaa. My favorite place for sure will be Myllymäki Ski Center! I’ve been there twice now and I’ve had so much fun. The landscape there is amazing. Finland is really flat so you can see very far from the hill. Because I absolutely love snowboarding, the ski center has really nice pistes and snow feels really good. That is probably going to end up being my favorite place here!