Producing memorable software with amazing people

About us

Assetti® is a Proptech company with an international team that has an open culture. Our solution grows in an environment where great ideas are turned into real products.

What's our story?

Assetti is born like every great Finnish story - in the Sauna. With 3 guys, 30 years of experience in the Property Industry and a strong proficiency in programming and product development we came to conclusion that Proptech is the next big thing… and we had a problem that we wanted to solve - teamwork! We were wondering why teamwork and knowledge management is such a tricky job in property industry.

With a vision and will to change how Property Asset Management is done, Assetti took its first steps as a team and as a product.

Since 2013, Assetti’s adventure has been fulfilled with a skillful multinational team, that aims to create something new to the traditional real estate industry.

Assetti’s office in Lappeenranta, Finland is now the home of 16 Proptech professionals with the will to grow!

Our Vision

We make Property Asset Management easy by creating memorable software with a distinct identity.

Our Mission

We’re here to shake up old habits globally and create something new to help our customers’ everyday life. We make it simple yet stunning to manage property assets digitally. We are an industry leading software company for the people that turn properties into assets.


Great products are made by happy and motivated people. We empower our employees to succeed in their daily lives. Autonomy, mastery and purpose are principles that we build our foundation on.

How would you describe your team and working environment?

“I don’t feel like having an singular ‘own team’, because I work with people from all of the teams when needed. If I would have to name a team, it would be “customer support” I’m working in, but I work closely with marketing and sales teams as well.”



We appreciate people going the extra mile. We are agile and that is what we are expecting from our fellow colleagues. Success stories are all about passionate people who want to establish something meaningful which makes a difference, that’s why we want you.

Open applications are always welcome.