Reveal the true potential of your property portfolio

Do get the information and insights about your properties from different files, spreadsheets, calculations, programmes and databases? Or can you access the information you need anytime and anywhere? When your customers call you to ask about vacant premises, how long does it take to answer?

Assetti is a solution for property investment, asset management and property management professionals.

With our secure, mobile and easy-to use solution you can concentrate on making your property asset management a success.

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icon checkmarkConcentrate on insights

You can keep on top of the performance across all your clients, portfolios, properties, tenants and lease agreements.

Assetti collects and combines property data from different sources, clearly displays accurate and timely information, provides property specific reporting and gives a transparent view of the property finances.

icon checkmarkAssetti makes your work smarter

Assetti helps to collect, unify, visualize and share property asset data to support daily operations and better decision making – whether it is allocating capital expenditure, identifying tenant profitability or when to sell a property.

With Assetti, your whole team can have access to on-time, accurate and reliable property information. Assetti promotes better communication and insights, leading to informed decisions and better-managed property investments.

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