Institutional investors

Do you own multiple properties and manage several property portfolios? Would you like a comprehensive view of all your property portfolios and their performance? Would you like to easily monitor asset management operations and compare them to property and business strategies? Do you wish there was a reliable solution to give information about property assets to support risk management, business planning and monitoring?

Assetti is a solution with comprehensive view to unified property information to help you make informed strategic and operative business decisions.

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icon checkmarkIncrease the value of your company with global property asset management solution

Assetti reveals the hidden potential of your property portfolios and helps you manage, plan, analyze and forecast property related operations. Having all your property data in one place helps you monitor and develop operations and compare them with your company’s business strategy.

Assetti helps you collect and store the necessary information for management reporting, investment planning, regulatory compliance and investor reporting easily.

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With the help of Assetti, you can harness the data in existing systems and bring your property assets into focus by unifying that fragmented information. Assetti helps you to better understand and identify the best-performing portfolios, properties and tenants.

With our professional solution and Assetti API, you don’t need a massive integration or development project to have the data you need at your fingertips.


One cloud application to manage, plan, report and direct the property asset management in your company


Helps you explicitly state and plan your property asset strategy


Supports smart sharing, exchanging and analyzing of property assets


Secure cloud-based application can be deployed across team and stakeholders globally