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Would you like a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool with a view to all your properties? Do you wish you had easy access to information about tenants, occupancy, financials, repairs and facility management of your properties? Would you like a cost-efficient solution to monitor your lease agreements and operating expenses?

Assetti is all-in-one tool for monitoring your property asset operations and performance.

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icon checkmarkView lease agreements and operating expenses

Assetti is a simple and cost-efficient cloud-based application for monitoring operational expenses and lease agreements. Communicate with property managers and stakeholders and manage tenant and supplier networks more efficiently.

With Assetti, a professional property asset management application, you have access to a full toolbox allowing you to follow and maintain the financial data and relevant property information to manage your properties.

icon checkmarkManage, share and analyze property assets

Assetti provides you with tools for managing lease agreements and property data and maintaining long-term plans, valuations and finances. Financial teams can manage, plan, and communicate property information with access to accurate and up-to-date data.

With instant insight into occupancy level, maturity of a property and operating expenses Assetti allows you to analyze data and make decisions on the go.


Manage lease agreements, property data, maintain long-term plans (repairs), valutions and financials


Follow and maintain the financial information together with relevant property information


Cost efficient and easy cloud application to keep an eye on operational and capital