Small investors

Do you want to be up-to-date with your property portfolio performance? Do you need easy access to information to support making productive decisions regarding property transactions? Are you looking for one tool to simplify the monitoring of your property assets?

Assetti is a shortcut to digitalized and smarter property asset management which helps you get an up-to-date view of your portfolio performance  – easily.

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icon checkmarkUp-to-date information about your investments

Find the potential of your property portfolios with Assetti. Assetti is an easy to use cloud-based application for managing day-to-day operations and following financial performance of property investments.

With Assetti you can easily check your income from leasing properties and professionally monitor and plan your property asset management from one solution.

With full insight to revenue streams and cost structures of your properties, Assetti helps you to better understand and identify the best (and worst) performing portfolios, properties and tenants. Check and monitor your KPI’s on different portfolios and plan the future of your portfolio, or check out the contacts of your service providers.

Assetti replaces the need for manual work with a simple to use product, that doesn’t require a massive integration or development project.


Systemize day-to-day real estate operations and reporting


Replace manual work without massive integration or development project


Follow financial performance of your property investments


Understand the revenue streams and cost structures