Develop a portfolio strategy, control your property finances and secure your rent roll - all with one application.

Do you find the information about average maturity levels of your rental leases easily? How do you get the information of vacancies in your property porfolios? How long does it take for you to prepare a report to your management team or your other stakeholders? How do you usually get an accurate overall view of strengths and weaknesses in a property portfolio? Does your property asset management system support multiple currencies?

Assetti is an intuitive platform for all your property data.

Spot the difference with Assetti.

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icon checkmarkAn intuitive platform for all property data

Assetti is an easy-to-use property asset management platform with a clear visual design. It brings all your property-related data together into one application that meets all your needs.

Adding and modifying properties, leases, contacts etc. is easy and intuitive. You can assess your portfolio value while simultaneously following property performance and managing leases, all in the same place.

icon checkmarkFreedom from your desktop

No longer chained to a desktop, you can access your up-to-date property portfolio data at any time and from any location with our cloud-based solution.

An intuitive and responsive user interface allows you to browse and retrieve property, lease, and contact information conveniently on the go using a variety of mobile devices.

icon checkmarkInstantly extract insights

Along with a clean modern visual design, advanced search function, and sort and filter options allow you to extract actionable data in an instant. Reach every nook and cranny of your property data with a single click of a button!

Key performance indicators (KPI) are perfect for a quick review of your property performance. You can get an instant snapshot of your current situation, or follow your portfolio trends over any given time period.

icon checkmarkCollaborate with your team - report to stakeholders

Your team members can maintain data simultaneously while external parties can easily review and add their insights with stakeholder subscriptions.

Assetti supports transparent and real-time information flow within your organisation through saving important documents and attachments, assigning tasks to colleagues, adding notes to properties and managing notifications on data updates.

icon checkmarkEnsure data security

Assetti alleviates all concerns regarding data security. Your information is securely stored and backed up, so you’ll never lose important information again.

You are in control of who can see and manage your data, as team members can be assigned specific rights. For example, you can allow asset managers to edit only specific properties, or allow investors to see restricted content.

icon checkmarkNo more double data-entry

Saving you time and money, Assetti provides full integration of your existing systems and data sources, removing the need for time-consuming manual data entry.

With high compatibility, Assetti’s open API allows you to seamlessly integrate with software providers without the need for expensive development projects.