Maximise your property’s return on investment and value

Asset and Investment Management

Accurate visualized information helps you maximize your property’s return on investment and value as well as monitor and analyze cashflow. With Assetti you have access to wide range of information to support your short term and long term planning – and in your day-to-day operations to elevate property value.

Assetti gathers all the necessary information and helps you monitor and report property asset performance.

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icon checkmarkPerform property cash-flow analysis

With Assetti you can access account-level income statements with both budgeted and actual values to better prepare long-term financial forecasts for each of your properties.

Your asset’s key performance indicators are computed automatically according to industry standards and clearly illustrated with visual dashboards – allowing you to quickly and precisely determine a property’s financial performance.

icon checkmarkElevate property value with long-term planning

Keep close track of your property’s value over time with up-to-date valuations. Long-term development plans can be recorded to maximize increases in property value.

For more accurate projections, you can store and communicate strategies or SWOT analysis of all assets directly through Assetti.

icon checkmarkSupport property transactions

When selling any part of your portfolio, simply change the status of sold properties and your data will automatically reflect the transaction. Records of sold properties are securely stored to protect your historic data.

Assetti supports integration with property listing platforms, enabling you to list your assets with the click of a button.

icon checkmarkReport property value and return on investment

Keep your investors up-to-date with beautiful and intuitive visualised analytic dashboards. Assetti’s modern user interface with pre-computed metrics clearly demonstrates return on investment and value increase.

Your investors can also receive direct access to review their properties via Assetti stakeholder subscription.