Know the people around your business

Contact Management

Assetti supports collaboration with relevant members of the team and lets you manage multiple service providers and enable faster property development. You can use Assetti as a database for your contact information including tenants, service providers, internal personnel etc. and manage your team. You can also use Assetti for invoicing and create an invoice to any contact in your database.

Know the people around your business – communicate easily with relevant people.

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icon checkmarkKeep track of your contacts

When lease data is brought into Assetti, tenants are created automatically along with relevant metrics that gauge their value to your organisation.

Other types of contacts can be created freely and linked to your assets. Add information to contacts alongside their basic information with memos and comments.

icon checkmarkManage your team

Assetti supports collaboration among multiple users with an advanced user management tool. You are able to restrict a member’s access to your data according to their role in the organisation.

Use default roles or create custom roles to serve your own needs. Any changes made to your data can be traced back to individual users, to ensure a high level of data security.

icon checkmarkHandling invoice and payment

With Assetti invoicing is not limited to rental payment. You can create and follow invoices for any contact in your database.

For example, an invoice for a one-time advert placement can be generated and linked to a property instead of a lease agreement.