Minimize risks and maximize returns

Portfolio and Fund Management

Free yourself of time-consuming manual work and rediscover the true value of assets faster. Focus on your core business and make better decisions based on real-time facts. With Assetti you can create property portfolios effortlessly, track performance of your assets and minimize risks with help of visualised metrics.

Minimize risks and maximize returns on your property asset investments.

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icon checkmarkCreate and monitor your portfolio

Building your property portfolio with Assetti is simple and easy, whether you have 10 properties – or 10 000 properties.

You can effortlessly create a portfolio according to your own requirements and specifics, as portfolio information will be automatically and systematically gathered from your property data. Access permissions to your portfolio can be individually granted for team members based on your specific needs.

icon checkmarkTrack portfolio’s financial performance

You can quickly create profit and loss statements for each portfolio via comprehensive financial information tools.

Simply by updating a property’s income statement, you can review all revenues and expenses of a portfolio or fund at account-level.

icon checkmarkMinimize risks with visualised metrics

Financial risks in your portfolio are highlighted through innovative visual analytic dashboards.

Assetti automatically computes metrics that reflect portfolio value and performance, freeing you from the hassle of collecting and combining data manually.