Ensure efficient day-to-day operations for your properties

Property Management

Assetti makes data management simple yet versatile. From building measurements to rental contracts or repair records, you are able to store and maintain all property information in one place.

Editing your properties is simple and easy. You can bring in data however you like, whether it be directly from the UI, via spreadsheet import files, or through automatic integration.

Assetti provides a place to retain thorough property records.

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icon checkmarkManage all property information in one place

Continuous property updates allow you to keep up-to-date records of operating revenues and expenses for each property. Metrics are presented in beautiful graphs, allowing you to quickly evaluate financial performance and make decisions swiftly.

With Assetti you can use comparative metrics such as actual vs. budgeted expenses or data from previous years to prepare more efficient budgets and action plans that improve your property’s’ net operating income.

icon checkmarkCollect rents and manage relationship with tenants

As well as having an overview of rental incomes from lease records, you can set, adjust and collect rent through Assetti. Invoicing and payment functions allow you to bill tenants directly and follow their payment status.

Data on all tenants are automatically stored from the information on rental contracts, thus creating a customer database for better tenant relationship management.

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icon checkmarkReport to investors on property performance

Presenting to third parties and reporting back to investors is made easy through Assetti’s uniform data visualised metrics.

With a modern visual user interface, Assetti is a great tool to present your performances. Your investors can even subscribe for direct access to review their properties.