Get an improved understanding of your tenancy schedule and rent roll

Assetti's automated rent roll reporting standardizes your asset management processes. Get real-time information about your tenants, leases, rents and rental levels whenever you want. You can also publish vacant units to market places or any other systems with automated leasing management functions.

visualised and automated rent roll reporting

Communicate about costs faster and more accurately

Assetti gives you fully automated and integrated KPIs with your tenant profitability, repairs, and operating expenses. Compare these performance indicators within your portfolios and filter, visualize and export them for improved understanding.

tenant profitability KPIs in a table view

Automate your data sources and follow your investment plan efficiently

Have real-time information about new investments and repairs at your fingertips. The data you gather from your facility management systems and other data sources will be automatically visualized - in addition to long term plan repair and CAPEX KPIs.

visualized CAPEX KPIs

Manage your yield with ease

Maximizing your yield has never been this easy. By having up-to-date information about your yield and asset value, you get the most out of your asset's performance. Whether you or your stakeholders are on the go, you can access Assetti on any device and find the needed information fast.

maximize yield with Assetti's automated reporting

Free your time with automated fund reporting

Create automated templates for quarterly reporting with Assetti. This decreases your manual workload so you can fully concentrate on following and analyzing your property fund's performance. Collaborate with your investors and follow the fund's business case and strategy together.

use up-to-date property fund information for reporting

Over €20 billion assets managed with Assetti