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When using Assetti, there are surely questions where customer support is needed. User requirements, expectations and experience using online tools affect the need for support. We all know that we embrace new knowledge in different ways. For some, the most natural way to visualise things is to watch videos and screenshots while others prefer to read to find out the principles of functionalities.


New: Support webinars

We at Assetti do our best to meet these needs by providing online chat, email, video tutorials, and the written articles. The material is constantly updated when a functionality changes or a new feature is added.

For interaction, we organised a short 30 min “coffee break” webinar for our customers. In general, the idea is to have a closer look into one Assetti feature and the rest of the time is reserved for questions and open discussions. The first webinar about Financials & Budgeting was held in Finnish but we are also keen to learn if there is an interest for webinars in English!


How can you reach us?

On weekdays at 9-16 EET you find our Support team in a chat when you are logged in to Assetti. Emails, feedback and ideas are always welcome, and support articles in Helpdesk as well the video tutorials in YouTube are available 24/7 when looking for a solution on your own.


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In the latest survey, we asked if you change currencies and languages when using Assetti. One-fifth of the respondents change both of them whereas well over 60 percent do not have this need, and they do well in everyday use with just one option. This is quite expected when working in the domestic environments where only one currency is used. Assetti’s flexibility in choosing a user-specific language allows everyone to choose the language they prefer to use, no matter what the company language is.


If you are not yet familiar with this feature, see the support articles on how to change them, and which languages or currencies Assetti supports.


We appreciate your feedback and hope to receive more! The number of respondents has increased slightly which makes us optimistic. Answering the survey question takes only two clicks!


⚙  You may have noticed that certain sections look a little different than before. It’s because we’ve updated those user interface elements. With this transformation, values requiring a decimal point could not be entered at every point, but this has now been fixed and the values can be entered as before.


☝ Our productized integrations include maintenance and ongoing version updates. This time, the working principle of Procountor integrations has been slightly modified. Previously, our integrations were logged into the system using Client-ID and Client-Secret, but now in addition to these, a separate API key is required, which is generated from the Procountor interface.


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