Portfolio management may require strategically leasing, buying, selling, and analyzing properties and other assets to meet the long-term business objectives of an organization. But when developing portfolios and investing in property assets, stakeholder reporting is the key to success. A good relationship between investors and asset management companies is crucial, especially in times of uncertainty. 

A portfolio manager helps an individual, company, or institution decide on the best available property plans to assist their business needs.

In order to support all this, they must have the necessary data and solutions to provide the information to the stakeholders involved. 


Transparency and real-time data for all stakeholders


When conducting portfolio analysis, it is vital to synthesize the information and make it easy to understand. Hereby Property asset management solutions can help you to gather real-time data about your assets into one place. To regularly analyze the Real Estate Portfolio, e.g. most important financial and lease agreement-specific information can be visualized. This allows for example asset management to offer up-to-date information to their customers with visual information and in detailed reports.

Property asset management solutions can assist property asset management companies to deliver a comprehensive service and provide transparency for their operations.

At the same time, property investors and investment managers can frequently access updates related to the portfolio, even across the whole investment lifecycle.


How to improve stakeholder engagement? 


Communicating and reporting the changes in the portfolio requires rent roll and financial information to be up-to-date and consolidated from the legacy systems. 

Automating these tasks through an integration process will ensure an efficient foundation for stakeholder reporting.

Nowadays, your stakeholders are expecting more detailed and immediate communication, but engaging with them might not always be that easy. Sending spreadsheets is not the most engaging way to maintain the relationship. 


Visualized data for better decision making


Property asset management solutions are creating an efficient process to provide transparency between the asset managers, fund managers, portfolio managers, and investors – having a full picture of the portfolio in real-time. Large property asset portfolios require continuous decision-making. To give you a better understanding of your portfolios’ performance, a visual aid to identify the situation will be a great advantage.  

With your assets under management visualized in a modern Property Asset Management Solution, you can spot the boiling points in your portfolio faster with a single view. Especially when reviewing your portfolio with your customer or providing them reporting based on the key performance indicators. 


All data in one place – how and why?


Keeping track of all the communication about the property assets with your email and spreadsheets is a handful, whereas Property Asset Management solutions will enable you a consistent way to keep the historical data about the assets under management in one place and interact with your internal and external stakeholders.


Providing stakeholders access to the Property Asset Management solution will enable you to:


  • Improve interaction and communication related to assets under management
  • Make faster decisions based on the same understanding of the situation
  • Automate stakeholder reporting based on up to date rent roll and financial information
  • Monitor updates and changes to react without wasting resources


Property Asset Management solution will deliver you a consistent view over the assets and will present the information together with the communication related to the assets under management.                

Shared information builds transparency throughout the organization and between service providers and stakeholders. It also creates clear, up-to-date stakeholder reporting that can be accessed anywhere at any time – mobile, tablet, or laptop. Engaging with your stakeholders has never been as easy.