New technologies are growing constantly all around us and have an enormous impact on our daily lives. A decade ago, a specific, emerging technology started its journey of success. But back then, it caused a lot of questions. Nowadays, when we talk about cloud computing, we realize those doubts and fears have vanished and people are eager to explore new tech possibilities.


Prioritize cloud computing

If we take a closer look at the real estate sector, we can see that it was quite a journey to where we are now. This is due to the technical change not just affecting working life but also our private lives. Technology, especially cloud computing technology, provides huge opportunities for real estate organizations and should become a priority to each of them. The future is located in the cloud and certainly will remain there. Already in 2018, 80% of the top real estate performers were using some form of cloud services. But there is still room to grow. Their use of cloud technology could certainly improve, and other organizations should follow their lead and realize the benefits of this technology.


To go a bit more into detail, we specified what exactly you should expect and what are the benefits you will experience by managing your business through cloud services.




1. Cloud services have great accessibility and support cooperation

Cloud services can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. All you need is a working internet connection and there you go, you are connected.  It’s not limited to a special server or device, which means that you can access your cloud software from your mobile phones, tablets, computers – flexible working for you. This special advantage makes collaboration much easier.


2. Cloud services are scalable

Businesses using cloud-based software can grow faster and easier. This is due to the fact that in the cloud you can access unlimited storage based on your need. That means you don’t need to worry about limited capacity.


3. Your data is always up-to-date

If we look at an example of cloud-based property management software, it’s biggest benefit is the accuracy of data used every day. There is no need for checking updates and integrations because the software automatically refreshes. No need for manual updates anymore. In numbers, that can clearly optimize your costs because you don’t have to think about upgrades or IT related issues.


4. You are flexible for business changes

Business demands can change a lot, no matter the industry. To react quickly and on time, managers need to keep their software updated. Cloud-based property management solutions can be easily adapted to new changes, supporting the work and processes in the changing environments.


5. Store your data securely in the cloud

The cloud has great security mechanisms for making sure your stored data is safe. There are different kinds of encryption methods and firewalls used for cloud services to protect your data from vulnerabilities. In addition, cloud-based property management solutions can provide its own security mechanism on data stored in the cloud as well.


6. Cloud is an environment lover!

When property data is stored in the cloud, you can tremendously lower the use of actual data on papers and documents. Therefore, the usage of paper will decrease, an act of true love for the environment.


7. Cloud is a great place for backup and recovery

By storing your data in the cloud, all information is there and not just on your laptop – which is secure, up-to-date and can be restored easily. While having an internet connection, you can be sure that your property management software is always running correctly.


Pretty great things, right? These all are reasons why we wanted our property management software, Assetti, to be a SaaS product using cloud storage. If you want to give Assetti a try, to see how easy it is to run your property asset business with us, check our 30-day free Assetti trial – no credit cards needed, no commitments!