Ever since we launched Assetti back in 2013, we not only wanted to offer a great product but also good customer support.


To assist and support all our customers requires the best way possible, we follow an “all hands on deck” approach. It neatly sums up how our teams with a range of different responsibilities unite to assist our customers and product users. Our customer service is integrated and no longer siloed from the rest of the company. 


Proactive, engaging, and transparent customer support


According to Zendesk, customer service today is more proactive, engaging, and transparent than ever before and providing that kind of support requires input and assistance from other customer-facing teams. Whether it’s sales, billing, professional services, customer success, marketing, or a product development team, each team has a hand in interacting with the customer, and the more you can capture all those interactions in the same place, the more cohesive the customer experience.


Front line support


This not just includes troubleshooting on the customer side. But includes all communication with our sales team, our development and product management teams. We as well have a ticketing system in place to record, manage and solve customer issues. 


Assetti as well offers customer and user trainings onsite and online. Our team also produces, implements and updates Help & Support materials based on customer needs and analytics.


If our customers and users are facing some issues, our team can be reached using our chat, email, or by simply giving us a call. 


One step further 


During the last months, our team has been working hard to make our help desk even more comprehensive.


Assetti’s Support articles are now open to everyone.


Now you no longer need to log in to check the function or feature you are looking for. If you are not yet an Assetti user, you can conveniently explore Assetti’s features and get a comprehensive overview of the application.


For already registered users, the articles will help you get started with Assetti easily and provide answers to many questions related to using the application. Articles can be found in the following categories:



Getting Started

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Key Performance Indicators

Account Settings

About Assetti


You can read the articles here.