The Cloud-based Property Asset Management platform Assetti, has won DEAS, Denmark’s leading property management company, as a new customer. DEAS, who manages more than 2200 commercial and residential properties, starts using Assetti as a data platform with granted access to clients to view their own account.

Until now, DEAS has added more than 170 users to the system.


Setup of integrations


During a testing and deployment period, Assetti developed its own import script for DEAS. Through an PnL integration, data regarding financials, repairs and property images will be updated automatically from a SFTP server into Assetti – without the need of any manual input. Assetti is able to integrate any data source – internal or external, by using either file based data exchange or restful API.

The data is made accessible to all relevant parties with different access roles. 


White labeling 


To give companies the possibility to apply their own corporate design when introducing a new managing tool, we have developed white labeling for our Assetti software.

This will make Assetti available to all DEAS customers in the company’s own look and feel and will at the same time increase the visibility of the DEAS brand.

In addition to standardly available KPIs, parties have agreed to customise KPIs to the specific needs of DEAS, as we go. 


Danish as a new supported language


As a new customer feature we have introduced the Danish language version of Assetti. This includes the currency Danish krone (DKK) as well. 

The on-boarding and training of new users as well as setting up the customer service has been handled by Assetti’s customer support team. As an ongoing process, every new DEAS customer will have individual user training.

Hannu Rantanen, CEO, co-founder of Assetti: “This client assignment is of personal joy for me, since being in the midst of Covid crisis year, it was rather hectic to get this done and delivered into the hands of the customer. I am sure effective and scalable SaaS solution like ours brings a lot of benefits for DEAS for years to come.”

Thomas Skræddergaard, CTO, DEAS: “We were looking for an effective and scalable SaaS solution which could be integrated to our existing legacy systems and be configured to our specific needs, and found one in Assetti. Their work has been satisfactory, and fulfilled the expectations we set in the beginning of the project.”


About DEAS


DEAS is Denmark’s leading property management company, with activities all over the country. DEAS manages a property portfolio of more than 2,400 commercial and residential properties, mainly owned by institutional investors, private investors, housing cooperatives and homeowners’ associations. 

Property management is the core of DEAS’ business. DEAS has more than 30 years of experience in managing and operating properties on their clients’ behalf.


About Assetti

Assetti is a Finnish proptech company that provides an innovative digital property asset management solution. With over 50 clients and 600 users, Assetti is becoming an industry standard among investment management professionals. Assetti’s original software brings all property-related data together in one application, allowing the user to easily retrieve important information regarding portfolios, properties, leases, and contacts. To eliminate time-consuming manual data entry, Assetti also provides for complete integration of existing systems and data sources.