The PropTech Academy Association based in Zurich, Switzerland certified Assetti – Digital Property Asset Management Solution with the International PropTech Innovation Label. Assetti is the first company in Finland to receive this recognition.

About the International PropTech Innovation Label

In connection with the International PropTech Standards, the PropTech Academy Association has developed a new methodology to evaluate companies based on their level of innovation. It encompasses 12 categories and more than 100 criteria for the real estate, construction and finance sectors.

The PropTech Innovation Ranking is not a conventional company evaluation process. Nor is it a traditional measure of innovation. And it does not aim to solely analyze and evaluate start-ups. Instead, it has been created with the goal of evaluating any and every company in the real estate, construction or finance sectors. Crucially, it is also based on the world’s first-ever PropTech innovation evaluation process.

The “PropTech Innovation Ranking’ evaluation process forms part of the International PropTech Standards, which were developed and launched by the PropTech Academy Association in 2020.


International PropTech Innovation Label



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