• Asset management
  • €150 mn

Antti Jäntti, the Head of Real Estate Investment at Pharmacy Pension Fund (Finland), has the responsibility of managing a property portfolio worth of over €150 million. With this kind of responsibility, he was looking for a solution that would ease up his work and help serve his customers better. On the other hand, he also wanted to support and help his colleagues with their work.

How to make processes work smoothly and efficiently?

One of the issues Assetti solved for the Pharmacy Pension Fund was management and engagement through information. Antti’s duties include reporting the performance of the property portfolio that he’s responsible for.

Reporting happens monthly, quarterly and annually to the board of their pension foundation. Key figures include basic information such as yield, vacancy, and maturity, break-down of asset allocation by type and location, major development needs and planned capital expenditure.

However, since the information was scattered all over in various places and in two separate IT systems, Antti was forced each time to parse the information manually together. Then, by copy-paste, he put up a report which he delivered either as an e-mail attachment to participants prior to meetings or then stored in a file folder in their company servers.

This was time-consuming, frustrating and also prone to errors.

Assetti was a game changer

By using Assetti, Antti could spend his time analyzing and thinking about the properties and their performance. He saved a lot of time and got the Board more on board by running the dialogue through Assetti.

The real value of the solution came from making the data explicit, understandable and visible. It’s possible to identify any deviations and analyze the reasons behind them – and to take action.

One of Antti’s best experiences is the first experience he had with Assetti.

“In my heart, I knew that two of my properties were unprofitable. However, when actually seeing the situation for the first time on the big screen, it was made obvious in a very clear and concrete way”, states Antti Jäntti.

Antti was blown away by understanding what kind of impact the properties had on the overall performance of his portfolio. This initiated the successful sale of these two assets, which increased the yield substantially.

Without Assetti, Antti might have taken the action anyway, but it really was his best buddy to make that decision: to get the commitment and approval from the board and to deliver the results.