A positive attitude and strong determination will get you through any situation. When you’re surrounded by a team that is inspired and sees things positively, even the most difficult challenges can not seem so daunting. This type of positive attitude is essential, particularly during the software deployment process.


The most common problems experienced in deployment projects

Implementing new software can be time-consuming and stressful at times. Several individuals on both the customer’s and the service provider’s sides could be involved in the process. Having a bigger team working together automatically raises the number of opinions you could consider.

Furthermore, in deployment projects, rushing and a lack of a unified voice are common issues. Excessive hastening in the deployment project will complicate it and have a significant effect on its overall duration. And the more complicated a project becomes, the longer it takes to complete. Data management becomes more complex if it has to be updated to reflect changes that arise over the duration of the project.

The process becomes much more difficult if the people involved do not, metaphorically, speak the same language and if the thoughts of the customer and the service provider do not align or are not articulated clearly enough.

All of this raises the question: How do you successfully complete a deployment process like this?

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A good plan is work half done

A difficult project can be successfully completed with effective project management, planning, and, most importantly, the right mindset. Good project management and communication ensure that all involved are aware of their goals, timetable, and project guidelines.

To avoid unnecessary mistakes in the integration, everybody must be aware of the operating models and take care of data accuracy.

In deployment projects, proper training on how to use the latest technologies is critical. In a hectic daily life, new functionalities may appear to be a scary equation. When adequate resources and support are available for orientation, the new system is no longer scary, but rather a great opportunity. When the orientation is done correctly, possible problem situations can be resolved quickly.

In addition, well-executed training and customer support save time and money.


A dedicated team is at the heart of every successful project

If you are about to participate in a deployment process and want to make it as efficient as possible, take a look at these tips:


  • Excessive hurry in planning can result in extra costs.
  • The process can run smoothly and any potential delays can be avoided with good project management and communication.
  • Training and orientation must be properly planned as they have a direct impact on work motivation and project success.


A motivated and enthusiastic work community is productive and completes projects successfully. At Assetti, for example, we are constantly improving our operating models in order to become more customer-oriented. A tool like Assetti simplifies data management and reporting, making real estate asset management and its processes even easier.