The Finnish Proptech company Assetti has launched an online registration option for its innovative property asset management solution.


Online registration available now


Offering online registration simplifies the purchasing process of Assetti.
It allows new clients to try and evaluate the product at any time and anywhere, opening up the software to new time zones and locations. Users can create instantly their own account and start collaborating with their team and service providers. 


This release supports Assetti’s innovation strategy by building an open ecosystem for collaborative use within the global real estate industry. It strengthens Assetti´s position as one of the leading providers of collaborative portfolio and asset management solutions in Europe.

Fast and easy to deploy

Online registration offers new possibilities for comprehensive, modern, and integrated asset management solutions. Assetti gives customers a fast, easy to deploy tool to continuously develop their real estate asset management operations


Providing accessible online registration for our product enables us to provide Assetti to new customer segments and a new, collaborative work process for real estate professionals. Online registration also supports our growth as a digital platform and enables new partnerships with service providers in the real estate industry. At the end of the day, our work during the past five years has focused on this”, states Samuli Hiltunen, COO of Assetti. 


“Having the chance to try out a new product is a big advantage for prospects. Now it is possible to access and use Assetti with just a few clicks. We are able to provide our customers with the online support they need to succeed at any point. This industry has been characterised by tedious implementation projects for so long, its time for an updated, Assetti solution.”, says Hannu Rantanen, CEO from Assetti. 


About Assetti:

Assetti is a Finnish Proptech company that provides an innovative, digital property asset management solution. With over 40 clients and 600 users, Assetti is becoming an industry standard among investment management professionals.

Assetti’s original software brings all property-related data together in one application, allowing the user to easily retrieve important information regarding portfolios, properties, leases, and contacts. In order to eliminate time-consuming manual data entry, Assetti also provides complete integration of existing systems and data sources.


For further information, please contact:

Hannu Rantanen, CEO of Assetti

Phone +358 40 5378722

Email hannu@assetti.pro

Website www.assetti.pro