A practical approach to ESG:
let’s finally define the terms and Encourage Something Great!

ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) as a sustainability benchmark is becoming a more and more ‘hot topic’ for real estate companies. It is not a mere marketing tool any more. Putting a label on a building or stating “we care” does not reflect any practical steps a company makes towards implementing an ESG strategy.


However, the industry is struggling to define the strategy in unambiguous terms and explicitly defined KPIs. The main reason is that real estate as the built environment relates to every aspect of our life (working, living, creating, producing, entertaining, etc.) and therefore contains a very broad set of factors. It is really difficult to narrow them down to a limited sample which would be able to clearly define an applicable ESG strategy.


The development of the technology for the real estate industry has brought about many viable solutions to measure and influence the “E”. However, the “S” and the “G” are still being described with words and not hard numbers. Each and every company applies the standards based on the “lowest hanging fruits” of terms they can explain and understand themselves and benchmarks they can calculate and validate.


Webinar 22.09.2020
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In our next webinar on the  22.09.2020 at 15:00-16:00 (CEST), we would like to get a “hands-on” approach to the ESG benchmarking.  We will discuss with representatives of the corporate real estate world as well as innovative tech companies about practical ways to define clear KPIs for ESG and of mining and structuring data to calculate them.

Moderator of the webinar will be Ivan Nokhrin, Founder of WIredhut and Co-founder of PropTech Russia.

The following question we would like to put first:


  • What solutions are used today to produce and gather data for ESG benchmarks?
  • How to develop KPIs for “S” and “G” and what innovations in technology can help? What best practices from other industries we can apply in real estate?
  • When we can define “E”, “S” and “G”, we will most likely have data from different sources. How to generate and maintain those?


As our speakers we welcome:

Assetti ESG webinar speakers

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