Why would you spend time doing something a robot can do?

Forget about updating your property data manually and let integrations do the work for you. Assetti’s several integrations ensure your data to flow seamlessly from one system to another, keeping the data up-to-date and accurate at the same time. Save your precious work time and focus on the most important thing: making your business shine like a diamond.

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Development possibilities with Assetti’s API

We believe that API is the key for you to success in your property asset management business. That’s why we offer our users a modern, free of charge API that we keep up to date and secure all the time. It enables you to customize your integrations so your systems can work in synch the best way possible. If you want to develop integrations with Assetti API, contact our sales.

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Integrations customized just for you


If you prefer to have your own integrations based on your preferences, we have our team of experts at your service. Contact our sales to know more about our integration services.

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What data can you integrate to Assetti?

Accounting Data

Profit and loss integrations will move your financial data from your accounting to Assetti. The data can be followed on an account level from Financial info -tab and KPIs.

Rent roll

Rent roll and lease data integrations are done to secure up-to-date tenant data and accurate KPIs. Tenant information is moved from CRM or housing management software to Assetti.


Invoicing integrations enables you to create your invoices at Assetti which are then sent to your accounting system to be billed. You no longer need to log in to multiple softwares or manually copy the data for invoicing purposes.


Repairs, CAPEX and OPEX, and budgeting them is important. While integrating your repairs to Assetti, you can keep track on the repairments and costs in real-time.

Over €20 billion assets managed with Assetti