Integration between the asset and portfolio management solutions, and Assetti, is now online accessible for DERECO.

The integration enables data to flow seamlessly between two systems

Providing data for investors from a property portfolio or creating a report while being with your customer –  that is possible when having not only a portfolio management system but also mobile access to information and data.

This is exactly what Assetti offers. control.IT Unternehmensberatung GmbH is the exclusive German resale partner for Assetti and is offering their customers data integration out of the directly into the mobile solution.

DERECO is a multi-family office for property assets located in Cologne who is already using the and decided now to launch also the Assetti mobile solution. The uncomplicated data integration and the user-friendly appliance makes Assetti a very useful addition to the

With the cooperation, control.IT is offering a wider scale of possibilities concerning the mobility of data especially for Investors and Property Managers. This way customers like DERECO can benefit from a faster and easier exchange of data between all parties, says Jan Körner, CEO of control.IT.

“Assetti offers a new channel to provide access to critical information 24/7 wherever you are. Our customers and their stakeholders will get an easy and intuitive tool for property asset management related challenges. With Assetti we found an optimal extension to our software solution We aim to help our customers to share information about their property assets in a very easy and efficient way.”

Regina Kolomiec, a consultant at DERECO, is enthusiastic about the new range of possible applications: “I see Assetti as a useful tool that we appreciate in our daily working life with investors. Data from the is easily integrated into ASSETTI and we can access it anywhere.”

assetti integration
About Assetti

Assetti® is a modern Property Asset Management solution that allows you to have instant insight into your portfolio and property assets. With Assetti, you are able to capture all fundamental information about your property assets and access it anywhere, anytime. Property investors and asset management companies can aggregate data flows in a multi-vendor environment into one scalable and truly visual application. Assetti enables a consistent process from budgeting to letting. Through the cloud-based application, assets and people are always up-to-date and connected together.

About control.IT

control.IT is the German market leader in portfolio management systems. With their software, control.IT provides a preconfigured system offering quick portfolio analyses and extensive modules for planning. enables large investors and asset managers to effectively manage their real estate investments worldwide – while at the same time being applicable for small and medium-sized companies in a flexible and scalable way. The software calculates forecast values, supports investment and divestment decisions, serves the value-oriented portfolio management and provides controlling and management reports at the click of a button. control.IT also advises its clients during the content-related and technical execution of projects with qualified consultants. As a specialist for integrating heterogeneous data from different source systems into standardized structures – the data warehouse – control.IT has a unique market position to serve its customers based on over 20 years of experience.


Since 1993, DERECO as a multi-family office for property assets, is supporting principally private wealth and semi-institutional clients in their real estate related activities. Consistent focus enables DERECO to support owners, sellers, and investors in every conceivable task relating to real estate. The main focus of the business is protecting clients’ real estate-related interests and needs, which they treat with the highest degree of discretion.

DERECO has continuously adapted investment and asset management services over the years so that they meet the specific needs of exclusive clients. DERECO is offering tailor-made asset management solutions based on defined and transparent operating processes both for portfolio management and private equity investments.


Assetti – Property Asset Management Solution
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