Every company has a story to tell

The beginning

Assetti is born like every great Finnish story - in the sauna. With 3 guys, 30 years of experience in the real estate industry and a strong proficiency in programming and product development, we decided to solve the real estate industry’s trickiest problem: teamwork. We were wondering why teamwork and knowledge management don’t work in synch in the industry.

“We have a great team that is young and keen on learning. We work hard but we still have a laugh every day. Without humor, we are just a bunch of office zombies! “

Samuli Hiltunen, COO 

Where we are now

During the past years, Assetti’s journey has been fulfilled with a skillful team that has 14 team members from 6 different nationalities. Our growing team is building the best possible solution for our customers’ needs and is creating something new to the traditional real estate industry. As our team keeps growing, so keep our offices: in 2017 we opened offices in Helsinki and Joensuu, in addition to our headquarters in Lappeenranta.

Who we are

Ailey Irvine

Product specialist

Aleksi Kokko

Lead Architect

Ann Ebenezer Joss

Quality Assurance Specialist

Ashkan Yaldaie

Scrum Master

Emma Kyyrä

Project Manager

Hannu Rantanen


Heidi Leppänen

Product Specialist

Johanna Närvä-Hakala

Head of Sales

Samuli Hiltunen


Shan Merritt

CTO and R&D

Stefanie Talka

Marketing Specialist

Teemu Kolehmainen

Lead Backend Developer

Terhi Palosaari

Service Designer

Anja Baum

Sales Manager - Germany

Join our team

We're always looking for more people to join our team of experts. If you're a team player who wants to try new things and has a desire to develop skills in an international, growing company, you'd be the right fit for us. Drop your open application and show us what you got!

Date Position Category Job type Location
02/04/2019 Open Job Application Apply