The role of PropTech in building a national digital twin

Building a digital twin is more than combining the usage of real-time data and other sources. It enables also learning, reasoning, and dynamic recalibrating for improved decision-making.

Now, with the foreseen clusterization of the Internet, and tokenization of assets, national governments have a more crystal focus on what’s going on with the creation of digital twins in their countries.

The management of information about a real estate asset across its lifecycle phases and coupling the physical asset with its digital replica needs to be coordinated. But how does the market respond to these challenges and what are the best examples of emerging connectivity and data exchange platforms?


Key Takeaways

A practical approach to ESG: Defining and measuring KPIs for ESG benchmarks

ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) as a sustainability benchmark is becoming increasingly important for real estate companies. However, the industry is struggling to define the strategy in unambiguous terms and explicitly defined KPIs.

The main reason is that real estate as the built environment relates to every aspect of our life (working, living, creating, producing, entertaining, etc.) and therefore contains a very broad set of factors.

In our webinar we discussed with corporated and innovative tech companies about practical ways to define clear KPIs for ESG and of mining and structuring data to calculate them.


Key Takeaways

Turning Real Estate Data into Smart Decisions

When we talk about Real Estate Data Management we most likely work with raw property and financial data. Data which needs to be interpreted in order to support smart and informed decision making.

On the 18th of June, we arranged our webinar related to Real Estate Data Management where we discussed exactly this topic a bit further. As guest speakers, we welcomed Erik Marienfeldt, CEO of HIH Real Estate GmbH, Thomas Veith, Partner Real Estate deals at PwC and René Richter, Managing director at CR Investment Management GmbH.


Key Takeaways

Assetti Webinar in cooperation with Visma Tampuuri

Assetti and the Real Estate Software market leader Visma Tampuuri Oy, have agreed on a partnership to integrate Assetti’s Property & Asset Management Reporting Solution with the Tampuuri service. The collaboration is the first step in building a new kind of Real Estate Ecosystem within Finland, enabling efficient and high-quality property management

In our webinar, we discussed the importance of reporting as part of property management and the role of Key Performance indicators (KPIs) for the real estate economy. We also took a closer look at how to facilitate manual work in terms of reporting and portfolio management


Key Takeaways


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