Collect, manage and report your rent rolls easily

Assetti provides you the best practices to unify and standardize your income, cost, and rent roll reporting. Consolidate your rent rolls from your existing systems through integrations and stay up-to-date on your lease agreement status with our simple filtering functions. Assetti suits your needs, from national and multinational asset management to private equity.

collect and report your rent rolls in Assetti

Manage your property portfolios and operating expenses on a detailed level

Get real-time insights into your operating expenses for tenancy and repairs related decisions. A visual breakdown of your property portfolio's OPEX metrics enables you and your stakeholders to make fast and accurate decisions. Stay always up-to-date on the situation of your budget and actuals.

manage OPEX with Assetti's intuitive functions

Plan future repairs and identify investment needs

Manage your capital expenditures and plan future repairs in one place. By giving access to your important stakeholders, you can be sure they get the same updated insights to your long term plans and potential investment needs. No need to send emails and share spreadsheets back and forth - do all of this with Assetti.

manage property's financial performance on a detailed level

Simple, financial consolidation for property assets

Combine your financial data from multiple sources to one place and see your property's financial performance as visual representations. Whether you have diverse or mixed-asset portfolios, Assetti transforms your portfolio data to an understandable form and enables easier reporting. Control and maximize your yield with ease!

see property's financial performance visually

See your fund's performance at a glance

Assetti makes fund reporting collaborative by combining your property, financial and ownership information to one view. If you need to check your fund's performance or update information, you can do that in one place.

easy and visual fund reporting

Over €20 billion assets managed with Assetti