Customer story: Trevian Asset Management

Assetti customer story: Trevian Asset Management
  • Property management

For Juha Ruuska using Assetti has been beneficial: he has shareable and up-to-date information about his properties always at his fingertips.

The Finnish 4H Organization is one of the biggest national non-profit organizations in Finland. 4H and the institutions working under them have offices and apartments all over Finland. Some of these units and properties are in 4H’s use, and the rest they rent out for other parties.

Assetti customer story: Redito Property Investors
  • Property investment
  • €1400 mn

“Taking over a geographically fragmented portfolio was possible with Assetti", says Redito's Portfolio Manager, Pia Linborg.

Redito Property Investors is an independent investment management firm, focused on property investments in the Nordic region. The company focuses on property investments that generate high potential value growth, strong cash flow and sustainable, long-term value for investors.

Assetti customer story: Finland's Pharmacy Pension Fund
  • Asset management
  • €150 mn

Learn how Finland's Pharmacy Pension Fund could report and analyze the performance of its property portfolios in one place with Assetti.

Antti Jäntti, the Property Asset Manager of Finland’s Pharmacy Pension Fund, has the responsibility of managing a property portfolio worth of €150 million. With this kind of responsibility, he was looking for a solution that would ease up his work and help serve his customers better. On the other hand, he also wanted to support and help his colleagues with their work.

Assetti customer story: Lappeenranta Business Facilities
  • Property management

In Lappeenranta Business Facilities, Assetti has been used as a “property data bank” where users can enter property data, in addition to reviewing lease agreements.

Lappeenranta Business Facilities wanted a scalable Property Asset Management solution, that could be used in various devices and which would make it easier to spot the critical points in their property portfolios. There was a need to discover the matters that needed the most attention.

Over €20 billion assets managed with Assetti