• Property Asset Management

Lelia Immobilien is a Swiss Property Asset Management company providing fully digital and transparent Property Asset Management services for Private and Small Institutional Investors. The founders of the company, Kai and Katja Henke, started Lelia Immobilien after being dissatisfied with the traditional Property Management services available.


A strategic approach to Asset Management


As Property owners themselves, Kai and Katja wanted to manage Real Estate investments not only on a day-to-day level, but also with a strategic Asset Management approach. This type of service was not offered in the Swiss Real Estate market in the past, therefore Lelia was born. Through working with Assetti, Lelia was quickly able to combine Real Estate Property Management (administrative day-to-day) with Asset Management services. Lelia now offers a holistic Real Estate & Asset Management service, for owners by owners.

Since 2017, when Lelia’s and Assetti’s paths crossed for the first time, Lelia has used Assetti as their collaboration tool internally and externally. Daily property management information is gathered and provided internally for the asset management process. Externally, it serves as the base for collaboration with owners by providing algorithms that automatically calculate multiple KPIs. 

Kai has summarized Assetti’s key advantage as follows: “It was not common for property management companies of private owners and smaller institutional clients to have real-time professional reporting available 24/7. Therefore, with Assetti we have been able to introduce something new to the market.”


Assetti as a daily tool


Assetti is a daily tool for Lelia Immobilien. Especially when working closely with owners, Assetti provides all necessary data to support the decisions. In addition, the clients can check the property KPIs at any time and can compare current and historical performance.

Kai has been working with Assetti now for 5 years and is convinced about the collaboration. “The key to our property owners’ experience is the terrific, Assetti tool and support.”