As fireworks exploded at midnights around the world for 2020, millions of people made New Year’s resolutions hoping to spark positive change. 

Unfortunately, despite the ideal goals, the majority of these resolutions will fail during the year. So how are you going to keep your goal to be better?

Here are our 5 New Year’s resolutions for 2020 Assetti can help you with.


Resolution #1: Stop procrastinating


The amount of deadlines businesses deal with is overwhelming and so there is always something to be done. For professionals, this means we can pick and choose what needs to get done and when, occasionally waiting until the last moment to panic and finish our those undesirable projects. But Assetti can watch over and alert you about expiring leases across all your properties and portfolios. Simply set it in the Settings and you will be notified well advance before the expiry date. We even have a calendar integration so that Assetti will send a notification to your company calendar. Now you will know when those changes need to be done and get them done right away!


Resolution #2: Communicate better


Our societies have a growing number of methods for communications: from old-fashion phone calls to emails to company group chats. But despite this, we still struggle to connect and communicate important information. With so many methods and ways to communicate, information gets lost in those long email chains. But not with Assetti. You can send notes and tasks to your coworkers with end dates and time to ensure they see it. You can check all of these in your inbox in Assetti and even send notifications to your work email. Best of all, you can make those notes public to everyone in your account, or just to the person you tag. Now all your communications are accessible for everyone at any time and in just one place!


Resolution #3: Get organized


Let’s face it – we have a lot going on. From tenants to property managers to repairs and everything in between, tasks and information slip between the cracks, never to be seen again. Especially when you use those outdated excel sheets for the data. But Assetti can help. With our user-friendly UI and search options available, you can easily find your information with a couple of keystrokes. Keep all the information available and up to date from the lease level to your portfolio level. You can even use integrations with other systems for Assetti so you don’t have to manually update the info, leaving yourself open to human error. Everything will be simple, easy to find, and up-to-date with Assetti!


Resolution #4: Save money


In both our work and professional lives, we have budgets we need to keep. Nothing can be more frustrating when you have to spend money on packages where you only needed half of what you bought. But that’s not the case with Assetti. We have customized plans for your company so you only buy what you need. And you can add features like supported deployment or additional integrations at any time. That way, you only pay for what you actually need.


Resolution #5: Spend more time with family and friends


Unfortunately, many of us are all too familiar with working overtime, skipping events with friends, and missing “the big moments” with our families. And these things are what make our lives full and rich, with great experiences and memories to smile about during the darker days. Instead, we have to spend more time correcting those communications, organizational, and monetary issues that we spoke about previously. But the great benefit to taking on Assetti – all those issues are solved. We can actually spend time on the things that matter, both at work and in our homes. Spending downtime to recharge makes us better employees and better people, building a better way forward.


So give Assetti a try this year and make your resolutions stick! You can access a full, private trial account for free for thirty days and see for yourself all the benefits! 

For more information about Assetti, you can contact us here or sign up to start 2020 on the right path.


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The author of this blog is Ailey Irvine, Customer Specialist here at Assetti.