16 December, Helsinki, Finland

Assetti has announced today that it has completed an investment round worth of €700.000+ to further its expansion into major European real estate markets. With this investment, Assetti welcomes a strategic investor from Denmark to join its team of owners.

Assetti expands its presence in Northern Europe

Assetti was earlier 2018 accepted to Business Finland’s programme ‘Young Innovative Companies’ (YIC), which coupled with this investment will build a solid foundation for enhancing Assetti’s position as a preferred choice for property asset management in Europe, and later on a global scale.

“We welcome ELF Development to our team of investors. They will provide valuable industry insight and connections while we develop and expand our business beyond Northern Europe”, says Hannu Rantanen, co-founder, and CEO of Assetti.

“We found Assetti truly innovative and a great solution for the needs of the property industry with its easy-to-use and data integrations approach. Being an industry player ourselves, we see digitalization as one the core drivers of the industry for years to come, and thus investing into proptech comes naturally”, concludes Andreea Kaiser, Head of the Board of ELF Development A/S.

With the funding round, Assetti acquires a new client and enters a new market, Denmark. By entering the Danish market, Assetti is expanding its presence in Northern Europe. Assetti offers a new type of innovative and easy-to-use professional tool to improve efficiency, communication, and transparency for real estate investment management professionals.

About ELF:

ELF Development is a privately owned, well-capitalized real estate company with expertise in developing large-scale urban areas as well as owning and operating a large portfolio of investment properties in Denmark. The company currently has more than 2.000 residential units in its Danish development pipeline for delivery to condo buyers and institutional investors. ELF Development is developing urban areas in Greater Copenhagen and Southern Sweden, IrmaByen.dk being the most recent example.

About Assetti:

Assetti is a Finnish proptech company which provides an innovative digital property asset management solution. With over 40 clients and 600 users, Assetti is becoming an industry standard among investment management professionals. Assetti’s original software brings all property-related data together in one application, allowing the user to easily retrieve important information regarding portfolios, properties, leases, and contacts. To eliminate time-consuming manual data entry, Assetti also provides for complete integration of existing systems and data sources.

For further information, please contact:

Hannu Rantanen, CEO, and Co-founder of Assetti
Phone: +358 40 5378722