Let’s take a minute to think about the importance of teamwork in property asset management.

First, ask yourself these couple of question:

  • Have you ever felt frustrated working on your own trying to develop some new idea?
  • Have you felt frustrated trying to cope with a large number of messages from various communication channels?
  • Do you feel like you need good detective skills to find the missing information that is hiding in the file system or in a paper document in the office?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, keep on reading.

Why good team collaboration is essential?

Those property asset management companies that are using team collaboration in the workplace, are able to utilize the strengths and skills of everyone involved.

For example, someone may struggle with presentation skills but know all the benefits and challenges of a particular task or solution. Collaborating will enable you to share your knowledge and work with someone who can present the ideas in the best possible way.

This will increase, for example, your odds of getting a proposal approved through top management. The more people involved, the more skills you have access to.

As a result of sharing ideas and working together, we can see how others think, negotiate and operate. This gives employees a better understanding of how the management of the company works and not just their individual department.

The skills and knowledge that each employee can pick up from others can be utilized or taken back to their own department to make improvements.

Working collaboratively can solve an issue in hours that used to take months to solve before.

Collaborating drives the completion of important projects and initiatives in a more efficient way. Instead of one or two individuals working on something for months, a team of six or eight individuals could each take a small specialized part. This way they can accomplish the entire project in a week.

Working with others in a meaningful way helps employees feel good about what they do. When you can share your ‘wins’ with other people, you often build a good team spirit.

This also commits employees to a job or company when they have strong bonds with others around them. They feel they are a part of something important.

Need new tools for enhancing teamwork? Shop till you drop!

Transparency and interactive teamwork mean selecting the best tools for better communication. This tool better be situated safely in one place: in the cloud.

You don’t necessarily need to have a big budget.  There’s quite a large variety of tools available and some of them you can get for a very reasonable price or even free. This is more about attitude.

With those tools, we can create, share, like, play and have even fun at work.

All communication in one place

With modern property asset management tools, companies can build refreshing and new ways of communicating instead of the usual email traffic. And even better – when there’s one channel for communication, it makes your employees happier as information can be found easily.

Some issues are more confidential and you need to direct the message to certain individuals. For this “hush hush” communication the modern apps will offer functionality which keeps your or your team’s privacy safe.

Communication can be improved by dedicated tools as well such as Slack, Yammer, SharePoint, Lync. And many more to be added to this list.

“Visualized meetings” – a new way to collaborate

We are still familiar with meetings that are guided by one person. He or she presents slides from a laptop and is standing in front of the audience. Often the decisions are not saved in any way.

This is a typical form of collaboration in the workplace. At the same time, it is probably not the most interactive way to drive people to innovate and get the best results.

Instead, there are new, fresh options. One of them is worthwhile mentioning – “visual meetings”. These meetings have visual elements, like mind maps, that are being created in real time.

These visuals are projected in front of the room to drive the meeting and everyone’s thoughts are recorded within the mind map for a clear record. After the meeting, this visual can then easily be shared with the entire team and saved for future reference for team members at the meeting.

Topics are easily broken up into concepts and the relationship between the concepts can be easily understood.

From file sharing to knowledge management

Today it’s common to see many of us working at home or grabbing a laptop and taking their work to a coffee shop rather than to an office. It is important to think about how your organization can support individuals, teams and the growing the knowledge base.

For that, we need better tools for file sharing to help manage teams of remote workers.

Making data accessible for your employees is a key attribute for efficient information sharing. Cloud solutions that offer secure ways to collaborate with your team from any location, such as M-Files, provide a good foundation for file sharing.

Knowledge management, on the other hand, requires great processes. Team communication that is linked together with the correct content can provide a solid backbone. Users can feel empowered by the right information, files, and excellent search tools in one solution.

Especially nowadays, search tools are one of the keys to success in knowledge sharing.  The most important element in search is relevancy. Relevancy, together with usability, creates the foundation for good decision making.

Implementing an enterprise search engine is difficult, but cloud applications that provide you an industry-specific solution are a cost-efficient and effective way to implement a great search engine and knowledge management processes on a large scale.

Stay one step ahead from your competitors

Listening to your employees with unique expertise and viewpoints will most likely allow you to come up with ideas and solutions that you may not have thought of on your own.

However, the number of options may seem confusing when evaluating the most optimal solution for your organization.

On the other hand, as well, day-to-day business life will show you that the right one can be quite easy to choose. When it comes to knowledge management and teamwork, one should consider the world of cloud applications as they are in most cases characterized by excellent usability, search tools and accessibility anywhere and any time.

Utilizing the latest technology is the only way to stay one step ahead from your competitors.